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Accounting services in KievWe offer a full range of accounting services in Kiev and throughout Ukraine for companies and private entrepreneurs.

Our partners work in different areas of activity: manufacturing, services, construction, trade, IT, logistics, etc. Our accounting services will be relevant both for those who are just starting their own business and for companies that have been on the market for a long time and are looking for opportunities to make their business simpler and more efficient.

Our task is to free your time for the development and growth of your company!

We are ready to offer comprehensive accounting services in Kiev, accounting support for the company’s activities. From the moment of registration of your company, “Debit and Credit” will take over all the work of maintaining the accounting of your company. If your company has problems with accounting, our qualified specialists will restore order as soon as possible and find optimal solutions.

Why we, what we offer: 

1. Full and uninterrupted accounting of the enterprise, you do not have to worry that your accountant is sick or goes on maternity leave, now we will control it. We fully undertake the functions of an accountant, chief accountant and auditor. Three-level quality control of services.

2. Recovery of accounting. After a break in work, reorganization of the company or the dismissal of the previous accountant, we will conduct an audit, provide an opinion and restore accounting at the enterprise.

3. HR administration. Calculation of salaries, sick leave, maternity, vacation and payments to employees of the enterprise.

4. Chief accountant services. Control over the preparation and submission of all forms of reporting, attendance at inspections, assistance to your accountant in solving certain difficulties (new legislation, incomprehensible actions of employees of fiscal authorities, etc.).

5. Accounting on online servers – “remote work” of employees, you have 24/7 on-line access to your own documentation and reporting. Information protection, backup, technical support 24/7 and access from anywhere with the Internet.

6. We are financially liable to you, our company has insured accounting professional activities in the International Insurance Company for UAH 1,000,000.

7. We are in the TOP-10 outsourcing companies in Ukraine. (link to certificatelink)

8. Regular nominations “ROKU COMPANY -2019”. “Vibir spozhivacha-2018” (link to certificatelink)

9. Our company LLC “Debit and Credit” has been on the Ukrainian market for more than 10 years, we are a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants “DipIFR” (link to certificatelink)

10. More than 300 satisfied customers and more than 30 employees involved.

P/S: Not a single accountant, chief accountant, will be able to provide you with such conditions and guarantees in your work, take this into account when deciding who to give your accounting, your future

Accounting services in Kiev



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