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Our company offers services on liquidation of enterprises, individual entrepreneurs, private entrepreneurs, public joint-stock companies, closed joint-stock companies and other types of firms.


The procedure is carried out quickly, professionally, with minimal risks and expenses. We do everything qualitatively  – without your active participation!


There are various reasons that require service to liquidate an enterprise:

Ликвидация предприятий, фирм в Киеве


To successfully implement business update projects, a tool such as the elimination of a company is often used. By applying the express method, you can succeed even if your company has debts. In this situation, the indicator of debt to the budget and partners matters.





Liquidation of the enterprise can be done in different ways:


  1. Stop of registration of a legal entity. This option is suitable for those firms that don`t have any significant problems and debts. Also, if the owner of the company has time to comply with all procedures in the process of liquidation. Liquidation, done by state authorities in Ukraine, can be going for quite a long time. Some companies don`t withdraw from the tax accounting for several months or even years.
  2. Express liquidation of a company through the redemption of a legal entity by third parties.

The procedure for liquidation of enterprises, which is going through a ransom, consists of a number of procedures. First of all, it is necessary to make changes to the founding documents, which should reflect new data on changes in the composition of the founders. It is also necessary to submit a decision on personnel changes: it may be a dismissal or appointment.


All changes that are made by the decisions must be placed in a single state register. For this purpose, the relevant state registration bodies must submit the relevant documents. For the lawful transfer of the company’s initial documentation, financial and tax reporting, drawn up an act of acceptance and delivery.


The liquidation of an enterprise, which is done by redemption of corporate rights, transfers responsibility to new founders.Быстрая ликвидация


After a certain period of time stipulated by regulatory acts, the liquidation of the acquired enterprise is doing in the general order.


This may be a decision by the owner or tax authorities. The way of liquidation through the sale of corporate rights also allows the owner to eliminate the enterprise in the general order.


Why the express method of closing an enterprise is good for you?



Advantages of the express method are:


The disadvantage of this method is that the liquidation which is done by redemption does not exclude a company from a single register. It takes time to remove the organization from the registry. But this can be solved.

It depends on the client’s desire how it is possible to resolve this disadvantage as a result of an integrated solution – redemption along with liquidation, which is the result of the decision taken by the owner.


  1. Liquidation of company by changing the founders. This is the most common way. The owner’s decision allows you to speed up the liquidation process, making it completely safe. All this procedure can take no more than three months.
  2. Liquidation of the enterprise by the method of merger and acquisition. There are several other ways, including mergers and acquisitions. By joining, you can create a holding, changing owners and shareholders.
  3. Liquidation of the company through bankruptcy.

Ликвидация предприятия через банкротство, КиевLiquidation of the enterprise through bankruptcy is also one of the effective options. All we need is legal proof of how the company went bankrupt. In order for the closure to pass quickly and without problems, it is important to assess the amount of debts to the state and creditors. The company can be liquidated by the decision of the owner or his debtor. In this case, the company may be subject to verification, which may result in the need to find a compromise solution to avoid trouble and protracted inspections by public authorities. The basis for liquidation may be a court decision, which in the practice of Ukrainian business is quite common. The owner may be subject to penalties.




How to choose which way is yours?

The answer to this question can be given only after a thorough explore of all aspects of your company, as well as the reasons for its liquidation. It is very important to take into account all the nuances that will help to avoid unnecessary inspections, delays and additional financial costs at the stage of preparation for the closure.

We always liquidating the enterprises only in the lawful and professionally competent way. When choosing an option and liquidating it is necessary to be especially careful and attentive. Since there are quite a few reasons that can turn against persons conducting the procedure on their own.


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